Last night my grandfather who passed away about two years ago visited me in dreamland. Although, I believe it was a real visit. I must say it was wonderful to see him. He just showed up in the dream. He was a bonus to the already good dream. I loved this grandpa with all of my heart. R.I.P. JM

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I have two books in two different locations.  The book Connects has been renamed Dream Detective but same book.  

Connects is FREE October 7 on Amazon Kindle.

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This story is bizarre, intriguing, and somewhat crazy. In fact some people don’t believe it, yet most of it is true, even though it is written as fiction.

You can find both books from both of my profile pages on and Smashwords (Barnes Nobles, Kobo, Apple, etc).

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Me, Myself, and I


As writers many people think we draw from only our own experiences. Not true, at least this is not true for the subjects I write about. Over the past few years when my depression began to spiral I started to use writing as the main tool to dig myself out of this pit. Although, I did not know from the experiences I would be writing a self help book. A few years before the depression really set in I was approached by Abigail Morrison to write her story, which was bizarre and intriguing.
Somewhere in the middle of writing both books I created this blog site, which I admit I haven’t been the most diligent. Recently, I asked myself why I hadn’t been diligent at keeping up this blog when I write all of the time. The answer came flooding to me all at once, because I have been waffling on what is my primary focus of this blog.


It’s true, I have sometimes written of spiritual thoughts, and other times I’ve promoted the books which I’ve written. Most of my depressing posts when not feeling up beat and positive I’ve deleted. Now, I have to ask myself if I should have kept them up as posts.

The conclusion to my thoughts are that I should be true to myself. I should continue to write about what is my truth and honest in life. I should continue to develop my profile as a human who is intuitive, kind to animals, loves God and her family, and enjoys many aspects of life. The answer is easy now when I look at myself with multiple layers to what makes up ME.

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Why Do I Write?

Why do I write? 
I write to be heard when in my verbal life I feel misunderstood or unheard.
I write to tell the strength and weakness of my life and how the creator helps me with each step that I take.
I write to tell the stories of others who also feel misunderstood or unheard.
Be mindful of what you speak into existence as our words have power and meaning because what is thrown out into the cosmos is what comes back to you, much like a boomerang.

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Artwork by Araanna.

Artwork by Araanna.

Sometimes life is filled with disappointing moments. There are moments when we need a soft place to fall, and a shoulder to lean on, but not everyone that we select to help out can offer the solace that we may need. 

It has been my experience that sometimes those closest to you are not the ones to help you through the trials and tribulations.  Sometimes those closest to you are the wrong people for the task at hand.

One thing I can count on is the everlasting love of the heavenly father. There is no task to large or small in which our creator can help us with, and the best thing is the creator is always up for this task.

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Woes Is Me

Scary trails.

Woes Is Me

Today, is rather a dreary day as I look outside, and just maybe it has spilled into the perception and perspective for the day. I say this when my youngest teen adult son can’t seem to find anything suitable within the day. He has spent most of his morning telling me his woes to the point I feel drained and overwhelmed, yet what he speaks about doesn’t seem worth worrying or complaining. As only a mother can do in this situation, I try to shed light and the blessing all around him when there are many. At this precise moment do I feel the presence of the universe tell my soul the same thing. The woes in which I speak and complain about to our creator are of concern, but yet they are hardly worth giving breathe. As only the heavenly creator can do in this situation, is try to shed light and blessing all around me when there are many.

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While I’m out walking I spend the first half of my walk talking to the creator. Telling the creator my woes, my concerns, and my fears. Talking to the creator is praying.  What I do during the walk back is try to be silent and let the creator speak to me. Listening can be difficult for me to do, but I must.


Write out 10 reasons to be thankful to be alive.

Here are mine:

  1. The creator for helping US!
  2. The moon
  3. Love
  4. My sons
  5. The sun
  6. My husband
  7. This book
  8. My garden
  9.  YOU
  10.  Life
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It’s Back!.   Free Today on kindle

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