It’s Back!

Chapter 9: It’s Back!

The misty vapor I met yesterday during my nap is back. It is hovering within the doorway of the bathroom and bedroom, and then, “it” effortlessly glides over towards me as if there is a soft breeze blowing behind its back. The bathroom is where the conversation seemed to have taken place, which is also the same place this being had emerged. Except, I no longer heard the muffled voices or sounds of the water dripping since, “it” had once again appeared to me in the doorway. Paralyzed is how I felt at the moment, but this time the spirit did not force me to shake and tremble like before during my nap.

Local haunting (2)

Dream Detective can be downloaded to your kindle free on June 10 only!

Dream Detective Synopsis

Up until this spring, I have never flown back through time and space in some sort of dream machine to catch a glimpse of this woman. I am convinced that I did not know her in her lifetime, and our paths have never crossed. You see I am fairly certain this woman is dead, and I have been transported to the year 1983. My name is Abigail Morrison, when I tell my story to others many times their first reaction is to gasp, but mostly they want to know how I survived being possessed. My house was beginning to scare the hell out of me from all of the spirit activity, yet I cannot leave when I’m convinced my house won’t let me. The words the stranger in the library blurted out to me were true, “Someone is trying to get your attention.” She knowing something about my house is creepier than the spirit trying to attack me, and I wonder if the word is out in town that I’m onto something? The thought of my house having up to ten spirits caught me utterly off guard. Having the wind knocked out of me last night also caught me by complete surprise. I felt it enter, but I didn’t feel it leave. This scares the shit out of me. I can’t get the gun out of my head, or maybe I should say the lack of gun. The digital clock above the bar read 7:00 p.m. I knew it was time for me, and the spirit posing to be me to leave the smoke filled tavern. It’s hard to say how I feel about everything, my ribs ache and I find myself looking for an attorney. Never in a million years did I think this would happen to me. It was 2002 when I began to dream of the drug dealers wife found dead on the railroad tracks, except her dream told me something else. Although, Dream Detective is fiction it is based on true events and how I interpreted my dreams, premonitions, the paper trail, and the chatter from the town folk on what could have happened Memorial Weekend in 1983.

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Mind over Matter


Artwork by Araanna.

Artwork by Araanna.

Mind over Matter
Most all of us have heard the saying ‘Mind over Matter’, but have we actually stopped to think about what this phrase is truly saying to us. If we did, then I feel we would be empowered. We would begin to manifest into our lives the truth and outcome which we seek for our lives.
The Webster’s Dictionary says that the definition of ‘Mind’ is the organ of the human being which governs thought, perception, feeling, will, memory, and imagination.
The Webster’s Dictionary also says the meaning of ‘Matter’ is something which occupies space and displays the properties of inertia and gravitation when at rest as well as well as in motion.
You might be experiencing tragedy in your life which occupies most of your thought process throughout your day. It might seem as though this would be okay when what you’re going through is valid and real. The problem with allowing this to occupy the space within your brain has negative consequences when what is happening is you’re feeding this monster. It is time to shift your thinking to more positive thoughts and perceptions. It is time to think on lovely thoughts only. If you’re experiencing tragedy in your life, then begin to think of what you honestly want in your life. Allow this only to occupy the space within your mind.

Free on Kindle June 10.

Free on Kindle June 10.

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Free June 10 on Kindle

Free June 10 on Kindle

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Where the magic begins.

Writing is something I must do to ensure my life is whole. What air is to breathe, so is a pen and paper to my soul. Peace Out.

420059_368461619844296_1935026636_n Artwork by Araanna

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The Things I Love

The things I love:My precious grandbaby is on the top of the list. She melts my heart. It melts my heart to watch my son, and her daddy love her as I love him, unconditionally. I love my sons who are both unique and exceptional in every way. I love my husband who is consistently expressing his love for me in expected and unexpected ways each and every day for the past twenty seven years. I love God who continues to shower me with blessings beyond measure and the ability to cope with the obstacles which I have faced throughout the years. I love my ability to reason and see things that are not seen by the naked eye and requires divine intuition. I love the arts in all forms. I love to write stories, look at beautiful art, listen to inspiring and unique music, and watch films. I love trees, and plan to hug them until the day I take my last breathe here on this earth. I love nature and feel as though it connects me to the essence of what God truly is. Peace out.

June 10 Free on Kindle. Coming Soon in Paperback.

June 10 Free on Kindle.
Coming Soon in Paperback.

I am a face of mental illness. Are you?  I wrote my way to a more healthy life.

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Wanted Dead or Alive

I’m looking for 30 readers to read the novel entitled Dream Detective. If you’re interested IM me with your email address. The only thing I ask is that you download the book on Monday May 26 onto your Kindle (computer works to if you don’t have a kindle) from when I gift it to you. You must agree to download it on this day, which is the anniversary of when the lady is found dead on the railroad tracks. You must also agree to leave a review within 30 days. Any takers to read this paranormal murder mystery?

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Choosing to Love Life

It’s certainly true that life is a series of roller coasters.  Sometimes the journey is exciting and fun, but other times it’s tremendously painful and filled with disappointments. If I wrote out a list of the issues in life that are not going as planned, I suspect it could be a long list.  Instead, I decided to draw from everything which is working in life, and there are many.  There is always a decision to be made. I want to choose love, and more specifically I want to choose to love life.  Today, I write out the ten reasons why I am grateful to breathe the air which God has created. 

Ten Reasons I am Thankful Today:

1.  The birds chirping outside of my window.

2. The ability to create through writing.

3.  New grandbaby who is an angel from heaven.

4.  I mowed the acreage.

5.  Free Will.  I choose to take all negative thoughts and turn them into positive thoughts.

6.  My Cats.

7. My family.

8. Spirit who lives and breathes into me the gift of life.

9. The food in my belly.

10.  You for reading.

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I love to dream. I don’t mind saying that I’m also a lucid and gifted dreamer. I have seen into the past and the future with my dreams. I feel blessed that God has allowed me to have this gift. I cherish it daily. Although, I do admit not all of the dreams which provide messages are pleasant. I sometimes get information that is difficult to swallow, but that is part of it. I have to take the good with the not so good, and learn or change from what the not so good is telling me. I had many dreams this time last year which almost leveled me, but thankfully, I have turned things around. I do contribute much of this success to the dreams to help me get back on track. No one can tell me the dreams are not true or real when I know that I know that I know.

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