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Love the creato…

Love the creator who created you. Love yourself. It might seem odd to express loving yourself as you should love others. Isn’t that a pretty arrogant statement? At first glance, it might appear as though one is in awe with oneself. … Continue reading

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Feeling connected to God or the source of energy that keeps me thirsting for more knowledge, more love, and more wisdom is what I call a perfect day.

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Love vs. Hate

Yes, attention to detail is a good thing, or is it? Sometimes, I feel some people are caught up in being politically correct that they forget to be kind and right for the sake of justice and humanity. Sometimes, I … Continue reading

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Spirits were once like you and me.

Today, in 1986 the meter man found her on the driveway in the backseat of the car, nude. Truthfully, she’s lucky the meter man found her at all, especially since the meter is only physically read every other month. This … Continue reading

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This to shall p…

This to shall pass is what my favorite grandma E used to say to me. It’s been 8 years since Grandma E has passed and crossed over into the light, but now and then she graces me with her presence. There … Continue reading

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    HOCUS POCUS FOCUS Be mindful of the order of the ingredients you put into your mind. Be mindful to stay focused on the task at hand, and you shall surely succeed. Focus and take control of you and … Continue reading

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The only differ…

The only difference between life and death is how energy is manifested.

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