Woes Is Me

Scary trails.

Woes Is Me

Today, is rather a dreary day as I look outside, and just maybe it has spilled into the perception and perspective for the day. I say this when my youngest teen adult son can’t seem to find anything suitable within the day. He has spent most of his morning telling me his woes to the point I feel drained and overwhelmed, yet what he speaks about doesn’t seem worth worrying or complaining. As only a mother can do in this situation, I try to shed light and the blessing all around him when there are many. At this precise moment do I feel the presence of the universe tell my soul the same thing. The woes in which I speak and complain about to our creator are of concern, but yet they are hardly worth giving breathe. As only the heavenly creator can do in this situation, is try to shed light and blessing all around me when there are many.



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While I’m out walking I spend the first half of my walk talking to the creator. Telling the creator my woes, my concerns, and my fears. Talking to the creator is praying.  What I do during the walk back is try to be silent and let the creator speak to me. Listening can be difficult for me to do, but I must.


Write out 10 reasons to be thankful to be alive.

Here are mine:

  1. The creator for helping US!
  2. The moon
  3. Love
  4. My sons
  5. The sun
  6. My husband
  7. This book
  8. My garden
  9.  YOU
  10.  Life

About katrinarose21

Katrina Rose has been married for 24 years with two grown sons, and a precious granddaughter. She enjoys life again after many years of struggling with depression. One of the best forms of medicine was to write her way out of the pain and suffering she was feeling from the depression. Katrina Rose is no stranger to dreaming, and has a sixth sense of her own which is why she felt so compelled to write the story of Abigail Morrison. Katrina Rose was blown away by the subject matter and the normalcy of Abigail Morrison who seemed more grateful for her experience than traumatized or bitter. If you like the spiritual, paranormal, and a good murder mystery than check out Dream Detective-based on a true story but written as fiction. Available during the month of October for FREE (smashwords). Body Mind Soul Series: Book 1. Getting Out of the Depression Pit. Available during the month of October for FREE (smashwords). COMING SOON Book 2 & 3 TBA All books within the Body Mind Soul Series have ten chapters. Ten is the number which means completion. All books are written after recovering from the dark ages, a time where Katrina Rose found herself for four long years.
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